Apr 25, 2014

T-shirts and tickets

Love thy Chopper t-shirts and tickets are available at El Guapo chopper bar, 1294 S. Broadway behind Adelitas! Shirts are $20, tickets $25, 5 tickets for $100, or go with a ticket and t-shirt package deal for $40. Any way you go this is all for a good time and a good charity, Wilderness on Wheels. 

Apr 20, 2014

El Guapo opening

Denver's only chopper bar is opening on Thursday April 24th. El Guapo Chopper Bar is located behind Adelitas off Broadway and Louisiana with the entrance off the alley on the east side of Broadway. Motorcycle parking next to the patio, arcade games, drink specials and everything you could want in one place. Love thy Chopper 8, July 12th, tickets will be available for pre sale purchase. Ride down and hope to see you there!

Apr 16, 2014


Love thy Chopper 8 tickets have arrived! These will be available for pre sale next Thursday April 24th during the grand opening of El Guapo Chopper Bar, Broadway and Louisiana behind Adelitas. The party starts at 5pm with plenty of bike parking along the fence by the El Guapo patio on Louisiana. Yep, Denver's only chopper bar and a patio off Broadway, shit just got turned up to 11. Ride your choppers down and have a kick ass time with great people in an awesome atmosphere. Drink specials all night, classic motorcycle movies and battle each other on the classic Mortal Combat, Pac-man and Galaga arcade games. Don't miss this!

Apr 15, 2014

Hammer and Grind

Excited to announce that John Magee and Hammer and Grind has signed on as a vendor at this year's Love thy Chopper on July 12th. Check out the Hammer and Grind Web site for pictures, events and some of the best gear for riding, hanging out or getting down! Thanks John, we look forward to having a great time with you and appreciate your participation in this years event.

Apr 14, 2014

The 75th anniversary 1978 XL 1000cc Sportster that we'll be giving away this year at Love thy Chopper is coming together. Nik has been busy with the help of Labriola machine to get this bike nice and right for one lucky person to take home. Biff at Biff's Custom Paint will be laying down the color donated by Doug from Painter's Supply and then it's over to Matt and his crew at Blacktop Choppers for the wiring. Don't miss the chance to win this and have a kick ass time this year at Love thy Chopper on July 12th at the same location as last year, Wilderness on Wheels.

Apr 11, 2014

Blacktop Choppers

 Blacktop Choppers LLC

721 S. Federal Blvd. 
Denver, CO. 80219 
One of our much appreciated sponsors and shop getting the 75th anniversary 1978 XL 1000cc Sportster that we will be raffling off all wired up proper. Go to the links above to see more of the exceptional work Matt and the rest of the Blacktop crew do and check out this Denver, Colorado shop.

Apr 2, 2014

30 Black sponsor

Keith Ellis, with his awesome craftsmanship of cb750's will be another return participant and sponsor of this year's Love thy Chopper show on July 12th. These bike's and Keith are always a great part of the past shows and we are stoked to have him back for another year! Check out 30 Black's Facebook page for more info on this Colorado custom builder of bad ass cb 750 choppers