Jul 20, 2013


The gas station in Bailey had a fire last night and won't be selling gas. Your last chance to get gas is around 3 miles before Bailey!!!!

The campground is around 20 miles past Bailey so keep that in mind. Make sure you have enough gas to get there and back to a gas station.

The cops in the area are on high alert so don't ride drunk!!! Be safe!!

The campground is around mile marker 207.


Free sticker for the first 50 people that sign up today!

Some things to know, the campground is around 9000 feet so it get's chilly at night. Make sure you have warm clothes. Also, don't forget that there is a truck leaving from Adelita's if you can't carry all your camping gear.

If you can't make the ride, the campground is called Wilderness on Wheels. Take 285 south, the location is around 20 miles past Bailey and 1.5 miles past Grant, on the left. Look for a big sign that says WILDERNESS ON WHEELS.

I checked the weather for the area and there is an isolated chance of thunderstorms starting later this evening, around 8pm. Just be aware, safe, and have warm clothes.

Please be very respectful of the campgrounds. Pick up your trash! It's a gorgeous spot and we want to leave it the way we found it.

Thanks!! It's going to be an awesome ride and fun event. There will be booze, beer, and food for sale tonight and in the morning. Music starts around 5. We got a bunch of good folks djing.

Jul 17, 2013



We headed up to the location last Sunday to get organized and check out the area. The location is amazing. It's going to be a kick ass time. Here's a few pics....

Jul 10, 2013


Alright people, here's some info regarding the LTC 7 Run. 

This year's format is much different from previous years. We will be riding to the location and camping over night. There will be DJs playing a mix of rock, metal, and country all night. 

We are meeting next Saturday, July 20th at Adelita's Cantina, which is located at S. Broadway and Louisiana. We will be leaving from Adelitas in small groups and heading to the next destination. There will be three more stops on the way up to the campground. Map will be provided with sign-up. The final destination is about 60 miles from Denver.

Sign-up starts at 10:30am and goes until around 2pm. 

The first poker hand is $20 and includes your campground pass. 5 cards is a hand. A card will be given at each stop. Additional cards can be purchased for $10. Prizes will be awarded to the highest and lowest hand, extra hands will be available for $20 each at the campground. Door prizes and bike awards will be given at this time. We will have prizes from Loser Machine, Speed Merchant, Landmark Tattoo, Peach Street Distillery, and many others.

Food and beverages will be available at the campground. We will have a "run truck" heading up from Adelita's, as well. If you have camping gear that you would like to put in the truck, please have it there by 2:00 pm!!! 

NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL, NO PETS, NO FIRES. NO PLAY RIDING at the campground! Please don't drink and ride, be smart, be alive!!

Please feel free to email us with any questions!

Thank you for all the support over the years!