Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Buddy Johnson Mayor of Harris County

Couldn't have gotten this year's Love thy Chopper going without the generous support of Buddy Johnson, Mayor of Harris County. All around great guy that does a tremendous amount to support motorcycling and it's community.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Lil Dame pinstriping

Super stoked to have Colorado's own Beth Lil Dame Kearney pinstriping at this year's LTC. She will also pinstripe the Bell helmet we are giving away with the design of the winners choosing. Don't miss the opportunity to have one of the best pinstripe your bike/helmet on the spot.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


"Ride High" unfinished business by Nik Pew. We are still accepting art for the show. Submissions need to be in by July 1st. Please send them to Landmark Electric Ghost Tattooing  . Please contact us with any questions

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Heavy Clothing

Heavy clothing will be another one of the great sponsors this year to help us throw the finest chopper/art show in Colorado

Monday, May 18, 2015

Clearing up the concerns

Let's clear something up. We have received concerns on why the camp out is by invite. This is a way to have a "trial run" at the new location with our sponsors. Sponsorship is not limited to businesses. Individuals or groups of individuals can donate for any sponsorship package. The 3 packages are outlined below. Get some friends together, the more friends, the more bang for your buck. Don't want to go camping? Come hang out and party at Shotgun Willies for the preparty July 9th and then party again at LTC9 July 10th.

“Love thy chopper” Bike and art show is going on its ninth year.   We are always looking for partners to help make the show more exciting than years past, in order to reach out to Denver’s up and coming chopper scene.

How can you help?  You can help with monetary or physical donations.  We have many different levels of partnerships.   As we like to say “you get what you give.”

Your help can be as small as a couple of stickers or as large as you can imagine.  

We do this show so that Denver can enjoy what we all love: Motorcycles and a good party.  We are independent people showcasing independent talent,  So help is always appreciated.  We donate all funds after covering the cost of the event and never make a personal profit.

But in greater detail…

LTC has consistently hosted a number of people ranging from a minimum or 400 to 4000 depending on the production of the show.  This year we expect to host 500 people throughout the day of July 10th, 2015 followed by an invite only camping trip to a later disclosed destination.  

Levels of Sponsorship:

Journeyman sponsorship $250: you will receive logo placement on all fliers, and marketing materials. Social network mentions as well as two tickets to the show as well as two wristbands for the camping trip.

VIP sponsorship $600: you will receive logo placement on all fliers, and marketing materials, social networking mentions as well as banner placement on the stage and logo on the T shirt. Plus six tickets to the show as well as six wristbands for the camping trip.

Premier Sponsorship $1000: you will receive logo placement on all fliers, and marketing materials social networking mentions as well as banner placement on the stage and throughout the show. Logo placement on the T shirt, ten drink tickets, ten raffle tickets, and ten tickets to the show as well as ten wristbands for camping.

All proceeds go to Wilderness on Wheels campground.  LTC will provide 501c(3)

LTC will be hosting the third annual fun run and camping trip Saturday July 11th.  This will be your down and dirty ol school, No vendors, No entertainment and no BS camping trip! All sponsors are welcome to attend! BYOB!

If you’re interested please contact:

Sponsorship can now be paid by check payable to Love Thy Chopper 1294 S. Broadway Denver, CO. 80210, 

LTC crew at

Instagram: lovethychopper


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Show Class magazine

Sponsors and updated flyer

Thank you too all the sponsors that have already stepped up this year to make this the best LTC yet. We are still accepting sponsors so please send any inquiries to us on Facebook or Instagram to make sure to get on board with the rest of the awesome sponsors that make this the finest chopper/art show in Colorado.